An Edwardian Evening

Written by Various Authors

December 1975

Produced by Peter Holding

An evening of songs, dance, magic and entertainment brought to you by the members of Theatre Union at their very own Bench Theatre.

ProgrammeAn Edwardian Evening

Order of Acts

Song - Cyril Slutchpump, Vesta Tilley
Recitation - Humphrey Davenport
Song - Randolph Mutton
Wilderness Moor - Boggart, Cyril Slutchpump, Vesta Tilley
Song - Bessie Bonehill


Song - Dandy Dick Dashwood and Friends
Magic - The Great Mysto
Song - Dandy Dick Dashwood
Your Favourite - The Cheeky Chappie
Song - Cyril Slutchpump
Song - Phoebe Go-Lightly


"So That's The Way You Like It" - Sir Henry Irvine and his Theatrical Ensemble
Song - Jack Maloney
Sermon - Welsh Preacher
Song - Bransbury Bartholemew
Song - Les Jolies Petites: Nora, Cora and Dora


Melodrama - The Archway Players
MARVO The Rubber Man
Song - Felicity Feather
Song - Phoebe Go-Lightly, Dandy Dick Dashwood
Song - Vesta Tilley, Cissie Lofthouse

The Players

An Edwardian Evening poster image

This revue was staged under Bench Theatre's original company name of Theatre Union, at their own theatre in West Street. It was actually the building in West Street, Havant where most of the Company's early plays were staged, which was called the Bench Theatre (after its prior use as a magistrates' court). The company's name was changed gradually by word of mouth and general usage between the years 1973 - 1977 when reviewers, and then members themselves, gradually stopped referring to Theatre Union and started calling the company of players 'Bench Theatre'. The new Company name of Bench Theatre was adopted in to all the promotional literature after they moved from the old theatre (which had been their home for nearly 7 years) in to the Old Town Hall building in East Street.

The Players

Vesta TilleySharon Rose
Cyril SlutchpumpPeter Holding
Humphrey DavenportDavid Spackman
Randolph MuttonJohn Scadding
Bessie BonehillIngrid Corrigan
The Great MystoRay Osborne
Dandy Dick DashwoodSpokey Wheeler
Cheeky ChappiePeter Corrigan
Phoebe Go-LightlyJen Jones
Jack MaloneyTim Mahoney
Welsh PreacherDafydd Price-Jones
Bransbury BartholemewBrian Sweatman
Felicity FeatherEve Moore
Cissie LofthouseHazel Rhymes
The BoggartPeter Duncan
Lt CarruthersDerek Cusdin
PianistJill Duncan


Producer Peter Holding
Stage Manager Peter Duncan
Lights Andrew Woodmansey
Hazel Rhymes
Costumes Angela Mansfield
Set Design Peter Holding
Food Robbie Cattermole
Sheila Spackman
Joyce Cusdin
Front of House Manager Ray Osborne

Producer's Notes

My thanks to Jill at the piano who persevered despite sticky keys and the apparent tone deafness of most of us.

Peter Holding