Women and War

Written by Various Authors

Thursday 8th March to Saturday 10th March 1984

Directed by Isobel D'Arcy

A Bench Theatre Fringe Production staged (free of charge) after 'The Accrington Pals' on the last 3 nights of the run.

The Bench Production


NarratorDavid Penrose
ReadersJacquie Penrose, Robbie Cattermole
Gina Cameron, Jo German, Isobel D'Arcy


Hecuba from 'The Trojan Women' by Euripides Isobel
From 'Lysistrata' by Aristophanes Gina, David
'The Rape' by Isobel D'Arcy Jo
'Yvette's Song' from Mother Courage by Brecht Jacquie
La Pucelle (Joan of Arc) from 'Henry VI' by Shakespeare Gina
Queen Elizabeth I's speech at Tilbury 1588 Robbie
Margaret Thatcher, House of Commons, April 1982 Robbie
From 'Women in the Civil War' Isobel, Jacquie
Comment on Greenham Common Robbie
Member of 'Women and Families for Defence' Gina
Member of CND Isobel
'The Cenotaph' by Charlotte Mew (1919) Jo
Florence Nightingale Jacquie Gina
The American Committee, Boer War Robbie
From the biography of Lady Randolph Churchill Jo
From 'The Testament of Youth' by Vera Brittain Jacquie
From Memories of World War II Isobel
From 'The Siege of Leningrad' Gina
Couplet by Gioconda Bell Robbie
'To Commander Marcos' by Gioconda Bell Jo
War Song by Dorothy Parker Jacquie
'Zeppelin Raid' by Beatrice Webb Gina
'The Bombers' by Sarah Churchill Isobel
'1943' by Sarah Churchill Robbie
Hiroshima - Fumiko Nonaka Jacquie
Nagasaki - Toshiko Nakamura Robbie
From 'Rouen' by May Wedderburn Cannan Gina
From 'Flowers of the Volcano' by Claribel Alegria Jo