A Night in the Nineties

Written by Various Authors

Thursday 11th January to Saturday 13th January 1979

Directed by Janet Simpson

A miscellany of melodious and mellifluous entertainments selected purely for your pleasure.

ShowA Night in the Nineties

This was an umbrella title for an evening of 1890s music-hall-inspired sketches, songs and monologues written by many authors, including some members of the company. It was inspired both by the late Victorian/Edwardian music-hall itself, and by the TV programme The Good Old Days. The show, which revived the Edwardian music-hall tradition, ran for 30 years and was broadcast by the BBC from the Leeds City Varieties Theatre from 1953 until 1983. The programme launched numerous famous faces including Ken Dodd, Barbara Windsor, Roy Hudd, Jimmy Cricket and Les Dawson. Leonard Sachs, who famously fronted The Good Old Days, with his convoluted and alliterative adjectives, became a household name.

A departure from previous 'play-only' Bench productions, this innovative offering included drinks being served throughout the performance, and a supper in the interval in order to more faithfully reproduce the experience. Audiences were encourage to dress appropriate to the period and music and dancing featured across the board.

The programme notes for the following production alluded to the evening's success:" On the subject of that special production [The Night in the Nineties], the three nights of which were completely sold out, we must say a big thank you to all the members of the audience who went to such trouble to dress in the style of the period. This helped to create the right atmosphere for the evening's entertainment and some of the outfits were really superb. As some consolation for the unfortunate many who were unable to obtain tickets, the tremendous success of the Music Hall has prompted discussion of several possible follow-ups. We will keep you posted."

The Bench Production

A Night in the Nineties poster image

This show was staged at Havant Arts Centre, East Street Havant - Bench Theatre's home since 1977.

Programme for the Evening

Opening Number

Jenny Jones, Robbie Cattermole, Anne Warren

One Man and his Doll

David Penrose, Langley Gifford

Two Songs from

Tim Mahoney


Pat Woods, Steve Morgan


Sharon Morris, Paul Morris, Jacquie Penrose, Stuart Sheach


Alan Knight

Singing Waiters

Terry Cattermole, Paul Morris, Spokey Wheeler, Brian Sweatman

A Night in the Nineties poster image


David Penrose

Resting Place

Eve Moore, David Spackman

The Tram Track Tragedy

Janice Lloyd, Robbie Cattermole, Derek Cusdin, Brian Sweatman, Terry Cattermole

Can Can Ladies

Anne Brodrick, Robbie Cattermole, Jenny Jones, Janet Shaw, Julie, Anne Warren

The Shooting of Dan McGrew

Spokey Wheeler, Robbie Cattermole, Anne Warren, Jenny Jones, Stuart Sheach, Jim Charlton, Alan Knight, Tim Mahoney, Derek Cusdin, Paul Morris

Two Songs from

Eve Moore

Son of W.H. Smith

Alan Knight, Stuart Sheach, Anne Brodrick, Steve Morgan, Jacquie Penrose

Two Songs from

Sharon Morris

Monologue from

David Spackman

Cool Coors

Brian Sweatman, Terry Cattermole, Spokey Wheeler, David Penrose, Langley Gifford

Your Chairman for the Evening - Mr Tony Czapp


Director Janet Simpson
Stage Manager John Scadding
Assistant Stage Manager Tony Adams
Lighting Anthony Elliott
Costumes Robbie Cattermole
Culinary Creations Sheila Spackman
Joyce Cusdin
Theatrical decor John Scadding
Nicola Fraser
Tony Adams
Chris Shaw
Jill Sawyer
Props Mary Lowes
Head Barman Peter Duncan
Waitress Angela Nelson
Waitress Lynda Westbrook
Waitress Jaki Curtis
Waitress Jill Sawyer
Waiter Richard Sandwell
Photography Chris Shaw
Choreography Anne Warren

Production Photographs