Second Person Narrative

Written by Jemma Kennedy

July 2020

Directed by Jessi Wilson

AuthorJemma Kennedy

PlaySecond Person Narrative

"Off you go then and best of luck

It's bound to be different this time though

some of it might seem familiar

The big questions, we mean

The beginnings, middles, endings, et cetera

Still, not to worry, it's all a


Jemma Kennedy's 'Second Person Narrative' is about selfhood and the decisions we make – or have imposed upon us – in constructing a life.

Our protagonist is YOU. YOU are so ordinary, and yet so extraordinary, too.

Watch as moments of YOUR life are depicted and captured, from birth to death and everything in between – growing up, making friends, getting jobs, forming relationships, making mistakes, and having a good laugh!

The Bench Production

Second Person Narrative Poster Image

This play will be staged at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre (formerly Havant Arts Centre), East Street Havant - Bench Theatre's home since 1977.



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