Love Bites

Written by Mark Wakeman

Thurs 16th to Sat 18th, Wed 22nd to Sat 25th November 2023

Directed by Members of the Company

AuthorMark Wakeman

Mark Wakeman

Mark’s work previously performed by Bench Theatre includes the pantomimes "Cinderella", "Aladdin" and "Sleeping Beauty" and four plays presented under the title "Mark My Words" in September 2017.

PlaysLove Bites

Love Bites Poster Image

Come one, come all, for an adventure at the theatre, as Bench offers you two nights of new work from award-winning playwright Mark Wakeman in a series of one-act plays.

Love Bites is a celebration of love in all its forms, how we try to escape it, pursue it and hold on to it. We can promise you love and laughter, loss and sadness, romance and hope… all in the same evening!

The characters show us how love shapes their lives in a wide range of scenarios and situations - at work, with family, on special occasions and apparently mundane ordinary life - and invite us to share in their triumphs and reflections.

A night of uplifting bite-sized plays about life in all its joy, mundanity and chaos; guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The video trailer for this show can be found on YouTube at Trailer for LOVE BITES, November 2023.

Two alternating programmes were performed, Set 1 and Set 2:

The Bench Production

This play will be staged at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre (formerly Havant Arts Centre), East Street Havant - Bench Theatre's home since 1977.

Set 1: Thurs 16th, Sat 18th (matinee), Weds 22nd, Fri 24th November

Tom and Richard

Two boys meet on a park bench and discuss their future and then over half a century later, they find themselves reunited in the very same spot. But did everything go to plan?

Tom StaceyDavid Penrose
RichardAlan Welton
DirectorRoger Niven


Having forgotten her husband’s last birthday…erm…birthdays, Elaine is trying to make amends by organising a super surprise birthday bash with the help of some friends. But their grasp of the word ‘help’ seems somewhat nebulous at best. But it can’t go wrong again this year. IT CAN’T!!!!

ElaineSarah Ash
JackMalcolm Bain
LisaLaura Sheppard
MaryJulie Burt-Wood
BarryCallum West
RickDavid Penrose
DirectorDi Wallsgrove

Last Words

A grieving family has arrived at a favourite holiday spot to scatter the ashes of their father. But can they get through the day without killing each other?

Nancy Ingrid Corrigan
Chloe Liz Donnelly
Melanie Sian Green
DirectorAndrew Caple

Love Through the Ages

Extremely single and desperate Henry has turned up for a blind date, arranged via the very latest AI Super Algorithm dating site, only to find that perhaps the cutting-edge technology might actually be rather blunt….

HenryJon Sullivan
SarahJessi Wilson
EmmySarah Ash
WilliamMalcolm Bain
DirectorDavid Penrose

Crew (Set 1)

Stage Manager Robin Hall
Assistant Stage Manager Di Coates
Assistant Stage Manager Janice Halsey
Assistant Stage Manager Paul Gamble
Lighting Operator Richard Stacey
Sound Operator Paul Millington

Set 2: Fri 17th, Sat 18th, Thurs 23rd, Sat 25th (matinee) November


Craig and Clara have gone Ghost Hunting. Craig wants to see the legendary White Lady. Clara would prefer to get her hands on a White Russian. Or anything alcoholic actually. But armed only with a pair of dowsing rods can they find out if the truth really is out there?

CraigChris Vanstone
ClaraJo Langfield
JustineSian Green
EthelLorraine Stone
WilfSimon Walton
AngelaKelly Edney
SallyErin Offord
DirectorSarah Ash


A long time ago, Carol’s daughter went missing. Everyone tells her that she is dead and gone. But Carol is not so sure. But is she losing her mind or finding the truth at last?

CarolDi Wallsgrove
DawnAlex Eels
ClaireLaura Sheppard
DirectorJessi Wilson


John has just returned home from the funeral of his beloved wife. Only to find she is waiting for him in the darkness……

RebeccaTas Halford
JohnDan Finch
DirectorJacquie Penrose

The Proposal

Mike is planning to make a big splash of proposing to his girlfriend. He’s booked a table at the most exclusive restaurant in town and nothing can go wrong…..or could it?

LucyFiona Fairhurst
MikeChris Vanstone
WaiterFrancisco Booth
GregJeff Bone
MelissaJo Langfield
WaiterErin Offord
DirectorAlan Ward

Crew (Set 2)

Stage Manager Paul Millington
Assistant Stage Manager Di Coates
Assistant Stage Manager Janice Halsey
Assistant Stage Manager Robin Hall
Lighting Operator Richard Stacey
Sound Operator Bethany Howard

Overall Production

Production Producer Robin Hall
Lighting Design Richard Stacey & Tas Halford
Sound Design Howard Alston
Programme Design Derek Callum
Poster Design Dan Finch
Front of House Manager Ingrid Corrigan
Photographs John Ash

Production Photographs - Set 1

Tom and Richard


Last Words

Love Through the Ages

Cast and crew from Set 1

Production Photographs - Set 2




The Proposal

Cast and crew from Set 2