Written by Roger Goldsmith

February 2022

AuthorRoger Goldsmith


"Sometimes you knock on the wrong door... but the right person answers it".

This play is set in Portsmouth in July 2018. It is a two-hander comedy/drama about chocolate and gin and dutch bikes and haunted pasts.

The Bench Production

Freehold Poster Image

This play will be staged at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre (formerly Havant Arts Centre), East Street Havant - Bench Theatre's home since 1977.


John Andy Rees
Mavis Megan Green


Director Roger Goldsmith
Producer Ingrid Corrigan
Stage Manager Sharman Callam
Lighting Design Jacquie Penrose
Sound Design Jacquie Penrose
Lighting Operation Mike Jones
Sound Operation Mike Jones
Set Design
Set Painting
Flyer Design
Programme Editor Derek Callam

Director's Notes


Production Photographs