Written by Jacquie Penrose

September 2022

Directed by Jacquie Penrose

AuthorJacquie Penrose


It's raining. Hard. Very hard, and the Met Office has just raised the warning level to Red. Five mismatched people are sheltering upstairs as they have been advised to do, but they cannot agree about how serious this is. It's just rain, isn't it? Or is it more evidence of the climate crisis? Or isn't all the personal stuff way more important?

The Bench Production

Deluge Poster Image

This play will be staged at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre (formerly Havant Arts Centre), East Street Havant - Bench Theatre's home since 1977.


Zee Erin Offord
Caz (Charlotte) Liz Donnelly
Irene Janette Evans
Tony Richard Stacey
Josh James Andrews


Director Jacquie Penrose
Producer David Penrose
Stage Manager Laura Sheppard
Assistant Stage Manager Natasha Ryska-Onions
Lighting Design Phil Hanley
Lighting Operation Mike Jones
Sound Operation Alex Eels
Set Design
Flyer Design Dan Finch
Programme Editor

Director's Notes

Jacquie Penrose


Production Photographs