Mark My Words

Written by Mark Wakeman

Wednesday 13th September to Saturday 16th September 2017

Directed by Mark Wakeman

AuthorMark Wakeman

Mark Wakeman

Mark Wakeman is the only writer to have had work selected for every Supernova the Bench has ever performed. Supernova VII saw the debut of his 17th one act play performed by the company. He also wrote the last three Bench pantomimes Cinderella, Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty. Mark has had work performed at the Steyning Festival and Bare Essentials in London as well as the Totton Festival of Drama (where he has won the award for Best Original Script five times) and the all England Drama Festival. Following its performance at Totton his play 'Grotto' was selected for publication by Roister Doister Publishing and is available to buy on Amazon or on order through any bookshop. 'Jitters' and 'Choices' are also to be published soon.

Mark started writing at Middle School encouraged by an inspiring teacher and scribbled away for many years without showing anything to anyone. At University while performing with the college theatre society they asked writers to submit original work and so Mark had his first ever plays performed there, with one of them being taken to the Edinburgh Festival. Comedy was his first love (apart from a girl called Nicola whom he once bought an apple for, but who never looked at him twice ... although she did eat the apple!) and he fancied a career writing sit coms or sketch comedy (he has also made several attempts to write a many volumed Game of Thrones style Fantasy epic) but a zillion rejection letters later and he seems to have found his groove writing one act plays as they have proved the most popular, even the serious ones! He still hopes one day to write something memorable!

Mark has been an active actor and director with the Bench for a number of years, some members can even remember when he had hair. Just. Mark lives alone in Emsworth with a cat (although you could have probably guessed that just from reading this biography!) and his dreams!

PlayMark My Words

Mark My Words is a series of 4 one-act plays.

Your Forever. Claire invites Steve to the pub to break up with him. A comedy drama.

First and Last. Thomas, an older man has a seemingly chance encounter with a much younger woman in a cafe but all is not as it seems. A poignant drama with a streak of wit.

Red Rockett. Chaos in the recording studio of a 1950's BBC show. An accident with the tapes means the show has to broadcast live but everything starts to go wrong. A straight out comedy.

Thirty Six Candles. A comedy about old friends getting together to celebrate a birthday and realising that their forties is approaching.

The Bench Production

Mark My words Poster Image

These plays were staged at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre (formerly Havant Arts Centre), East Street Havant - Bench Theatre's home since 1977.


36 Candles

AmyJo Langfield
MariaTasmin Halford
MandyLorraine Stone
LizzieAngie McKeown
GuyZack Cuthbertson
WaiterDavid Booth

Your Forever

SteveDan Finch
ClaireBeth Evans

First and Last

ThomasAlan Welton
CathySuzy Gains
TomChris Davey
Colleague of ThomasJaspar Utley

Red Rockett

MorrisPaul Millington
DeliaJulie Wood
FredJeff Bone
JackStuart Reilly
MarianClaire Lyne
LizLiz Donnelly
Sir Hogmany WashRoger Wallsgrove
Miss VoleRobin Hall


Director Mark Wakeman
Producers Jaspar Utley, Sonja Jones
Stage Manager Jessi Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager Megan Green
Lighting Design Thomas Hall
Sound Design Jacquie Penrose
Lighting Operation Phillippa Thorne
Sound Operation Ingrid Corrigan
Programme Editor Derek Callam
Handbill Design Dan Finch
Photography Dan Finch
FOH Manager Sharman Callam

Director's Notes

It was a moment of insanity. Play Selection was looming, I didn't have a play but I really wanted to do something. But it was deadline day and I had no time to find out the available rights to anything. Then I remembered that there was a really cheap playwright I knew who might have some useful scribblings and so this evening of theatre was born.

It's been a fascinating and exciting production to work on as on the one hand I knew the material really well and didn't have to spend weeks exploring the text to find its meaning. I also knew what I wanted when I wrote it so I've just gone for that. But of course the plays have chosen their own path and have weaved and veered off into exciting new directions. On the other hand, with one exception, these plays had never enjoyed any time in front of an audience so people might hate them. So that's been a very scary thought.

Then there were the rehearsals themselves. Trying to split a normal play's rehearsal time among four different plays and casts ... whilst for me it's mostly been a different play every night. It became such a whirr that sometimes I just waited to see what actors turned up to get my head around which play I was directing at what time!

But I can't deny I am excited that these plays will finally be performed, one of them has been hanging around my head for about ten years now so it's about time I got rid of it.

But none of this could have been possible without my daring cast and crew. Many I've worked with before and it was humbling that they trusted me enough to want to share this adventure with me. Some of them I've not worked with before but I hope they will want to join me on future voyages.

So it's been a wild ride and I've only gotten here thanks to the endless enthusiasm of my team, both on and off stage. Thanks team. I hope my words can do your hard work proud.

Also my thanks to you, the audience for taking a risk on some new theatre. There's something exciting about being the first audience to ever see a piece of work. I hope you enjoy it. There are four plays so hopefully if you don't like one, another might tickle your fancy.

But no, seriously, without you coming to see our shows we would cease to exist as a company and we wouldn't get a chance to produce these plays old and new as we do. So thank you for coming and please come again.

I hope that you enjoy the show.

Mark Wakeman


The NewsJames George

What I've always loved about The Bench, out of the myriad local theatre companies we have access to, is their willingness to encourage creativity.

This week they are presenting four one-act plays, written and directed by their own Mark Wakeman. The plays - 36 Candles, Your Forever, First and Last and Red Rockett (written with Mike Hickman) - demonstrate Wakeman's love (and mastery) of language as well as his eye for detail and situation. '36 Candles' is a study of friendship, ageing and our universal fear of romantic rejection and has an astonishingly well-crafted performance from Angie McKeown as Lizzie. 'Your Forever' ostensibly presents the story of a romantic break-up. Again, while the twist-in-the-tale is nothing new, Wakeman's script and two cracking performances from Dan Finch and Beth Evans made this the highlight of the evening for me.

'First and Last' is the most thoughtful of the pieces on offer and although the painful conclusion becomes obvious to the audience, it is still satisfying. The last of the plays, 'Red Rockett, could do with some judicious trimming and tightening up. The principal situation is not new and the script adds nothing fresh to it and it did end by feeling a little laboured. It's a great evening overall and The Bench deserve support for staging it.

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