Costume Hire

Unique Costumes at Reasonable Rates

Bench Theatre has been producing plays and the costumes for them for over 40 years. You can see from our production list the plays we have performed and may of them are period or costume dramas. We're also lucky enough to be blessed with some very talented costumiers who have some some beautiful creations over the years - and we still have many of them in our safe keeping.

Which Costumes are Available?

It's probably quicker to list what's NOT in our store. The simplest way to find out if we have costumes which you could hire for YOUR next production, is to check on our list of plays to see if we have performed that play. Alternatively if you're producing a period piece by, say Chekhov you may find our costumes for another of his plays we have produced would suit your needs. Not all costumes are available at all times, however, we will certainly do our best to help you out. Check out the production photographs at the end of each individual play page and you may find just what you're looking for. And it's not only suits and dresses we have. If you need belts, buckles, caps, aprons, hats, gloves, scarves and other accessories - we're sure to be able to find something appropriate.

For more information on the costumes we have available please check with our Costumes Manager, who can confirm if we have the costume(s) you need for your play. The Costume Manager can arrange to meet with you to let you see the costume you need. Please try to give us plenty of access to locate the costume you require and arrange for it to be ready for you.

Cost and Conditions of Hire

Our rates for hire are extremely reasonable and a fraction of what it would cost you to have the costume made from scratch.

We charge £5 per costume for anything up to a 2-week hire. This should allow you to use the costume at your dress-rehearsal as well as your performances. We charge a £25 deposit when each costume is hired, which is refundable when the costume is returned - intact. We also ask that costumes are cleaned before they are returned, or the cost of dry-cleaning will be taken from the deposit.