Written by Roger Goldsmith

Saturday 2nd October 2010

Directed by Julie Wood

Havant Literary Festival has been in existence since 2008 and Bench Theatre has been a contributor in some shape or form since its inception. For 2010, The Literary Festival decided to organise a collaborative cabaret performance bringing together the best of local talent in one show. Bench Theatre performed the one act play 'United' as their part of the performance.

AuthorRoger Goldsmith

Roger Goldsmith

Roger left engineering in 2003 and has been writing full-time ever since (both plays and films). He lives in an apartment in Southsea, at what used to be the Eastney Marine Barracks. He finds it a great place for writing - very quiet. He also has a home in Portugal and spends a number of months there each year. He packs his laptop and seamlessly makes the transition from one location to the next in terms of writing, finding the environmental change inspirational.

As a young boy Roger stammered very badly and could not even say his name when asked for it. He believes his writing germinated from that sense of being on the outside. He wrote his first play entitled 'The Family' when he was 16 and was invited to Centre 42, Arnold Wesker's establishment where he met Clive Barker, who encouraged him to move to London, which he did two years later. Roger's dream of being a writer quickly subsided when the reality of having to work to earn money to live, set in. The dream only really surfaced when he was able to stop working and write full time.


Lew and Charlie meet in the lounge of a budget hotel in London. Charlie plans to tell his wife he's met someone else following a business trip to Manchester. Lew plans to go back to his home in Manchester the next day. Could there be a connection?

The Bench Play

Havant Literary Festival Logo

This one-act play was staged at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre as part of the Havant Literary Festival 2010.

The other contributors were:
poet Charles Bennett,
harpist John Corin,
singers from Dynamo Youth Theatre,
Nathan Chapman & Vincent Adams from the SOOP Theatre Company.

'United' was originally staged in September 2009 as part of Supernova 5, Bench Theatre's festival of new writing.


CharlieRoger Wallsgrove
LewDavid Penrose


Director Julie Wood

Author's Notes

I woke up one morning in Portugal two and a half years ago and ideas for both 'United' and 'Paperwork' both came to me. I wrote them both very quickly, and did nothing with them until the opportunity came to submit them for the Supernova 5 production.

Roger Goldsmith