Pete Barrett

Totton: Wednesday 26th March 2014

Directed by Andrew Caple

The first round of the All England Theatre Festival (Western Area, Southern Division) is usually held at the Hanger Farm Arts Centre in Totton. Bench Theatre first entered the festival competition in 2006 and has been a regular contributor ever since.

AuthorPete Barrett

Pete Barrett

Pete Barrett has been writing plays for the last forty years. Plays produced professionally at the Wolsey in Ipswich include broad comedies like 'The Complete Corruption of Carrington' and 'The Revenge of the Mutant Cockle', satirical pieces like ''Guilty (a woman is tried for her failures as a mother, a wife and a female) and 'Jackals' (A middle class family home is surrounded and seemingly menaced by the unemployed), and serious pieces like 'Day-Dreaming on the Motorway'. His play 'The Dying of the Light' was a full length production at the Wolsey Studio. The 'Revenge of the Mutant Cockle' was runner up at last year's All England Play Festival.

A few years ago, he was commissioned to write short stories for the Interact Reading Service which sends professional actors into hospitals to read to groups of stroke patients. This service employs 100 actors working in London hospitals and is currently being rolled out countrywide. Pete has written 36 short stories for the service. 'Out Loud: 36 Twisted Tales' is now available for the Kindle on Amazon.

Pete retired in 2007 to write full time. Since then he has written three full length plays and twelve children's book - the first two 'Tich Vampire Hunter' and 'Tich Dragonslayer' have been published with more on the way.

PlaysSense and Sensibleness

Sense and Sensibleness is the kind of play Jane Austen might have written when under the influence of certain hallucinogenic herb teas. In the play, heroine Amber Vertigris despairs of ever finding a man to match her intelligence, wit and feminine wiles. Could Clayton Wensleydale be the man that finally tames her or is she destined to be left on the shelf with the candles, the tin of Spam and the high energy light bulbs?

The Bench Competition Entry

This one-act play was staged at the Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Totton as part of the first round of the All England Theatre Festival 2014 competition.

Awards at the 2014 Festival

Best Actress:

Commended: Jessi Wilson for 'Sense and Sensibleness'

Best Supporting Actor:

Commended: Dan Finch for 'Sense and Sensibleness'


Jessi Wilson
Dan Finch
Mark Wakeman
Roger Wallsgrove
Di Wallsgrove


Director Andrew Caple
Stage Managers Thomas Hall