Drunk Encounter

Written by Mark Wakeman

Totton - 29 March 2012

Directed by Beth Evans

The first round of the All England Theatre Festival (Western Area, Southern Division) is usually held at the Hanger Farm Arts Centre in Totton. Bench Theatre first entered the festival competition in 2006 and has been a regular contributor ever since.

AuthorMark Wakeman

Mark Wakeman

Writing-wise I seem to be known for comedy but in an effort to surprise my critics (and myself) I started writing 'experiments' which produced the thriller 'Father for Justice'(Best Original Script, Totton 2009) and the ghost story 'The Girl in the Corner'(the second play from the Bench at Totton this year), for previous Supernovae. Again, trying to find a non-comedy story to write this time I started a thriller about a one night stand that turns into something darker and more violent. However, it ran over the (Supernova) 30 minute limit and I also didn't want to be the writer who always writes the plays where everybody dies in pain and misery! However, looking at the script there were some good bits to it so I decided to try something different. I cut out the thriller and added a new ending and the results... a sort of comedy-drama thing... I hope finds an audience!

PlayDrunk Encounter

A boring conference. A free bar. A beautiful woman. A frustrated man. A kiss... All the makings of a drunken one night stand. But all does not go according to plan... 'Drunk Encounter' was first performed to great acclaim in 2010 at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre as part of Bench Theatre's festival of new writing, Supernova 5.

The Bench Competition Entry


AnnabelleJulie Woods
ColinDan Finch


Director Beth Evans
Stage Manager
Robin Hall